(A Cheaper Alternative To Scalp Med)

Click here to order Hair Muck for making your Scalp Med alternative.

"Minomuck" is 5% minoxidil with beta sitosterol and saw palmetto added to it. It is very simple to make. I supply the concentrate and you simply measure out 10 mls of it and dump it into a fresh bottle of minoxidil. Then you simply follow the application instructions that you receive with your bottle of minox.

Unfortunately it is impossible to locate a small supply of pure beta sitosterol powder to make it by yourself. You can purchase capsules however these contain magnesium stearate as a filler. I fear that this filler could very well render the minoxidil inert and completely ineffective. The only way you could make it yourself is if you first purchased a very large supply of pure beta sitosterol from a manufacturer. Furthermore making the liquid saw palmetto/ beta sitosterol is not as simple as the other formulas. To make a years supply on your own would cost more than if you just purchase the ready made liquid and simply add it to your bottles of minoxidil.

I am excited about this new formula because it is based upon input I've received from users of an infomercial product known as Scalpmed. Scalpmed contains other ingredients besides saw palmetto and beta sitosterol but I doubt they could have any benefit applied topically. So far the results from people who are using Scalpmed have been very encouraging. But Scalpmed is damn expensive. Minomuck should work just as well and cost a great deal less. But again....we have no definitive proof that adding these ingredients will grow more hair than minoxidil alone. See "The Glitch In Modern Medicine" on the home page for a further explanation.

So far users claim no disadvantage to using the formula with regards to how it make their hair feel. In fact some claim it makes their hair immediately look a bit thicker.

The price of the liquid saw palmetto/beta sitosterol (I call it Hair Muck) is $34.95 for enough concentrate to add to 12 bottles of minox. This should last you approximately one year. You can purchase 3 bottles 5% minoxidil at Walmart for $19. The total cost should average out to be roughly $11 a month (assuming you use one bottle of the minox a month).

Click here to order Hair Muck for making your Scalp Med alternative.

Recipe For Making Minomuck

Once you have a fresh bottle of minoxidil and the liquid saw palmetto/beta sitosterol (Hair Muck) you are ready to make this simple formula.

1). Open your fresh bottle of minox.

2). Using the plastic measuring cup, pour out 5mls of Hair Muck and dump it in your bottle of minoxidil.

3). Close container of minox and shake well. Apply it to all areas you wish to treat. Apply it after showering and then approximately 12 hours later.

4). After a few days of applying your Minomuck you can again measure out and add another 5mls of the hair muck. The reason why you couldn't add all 10 mls initially is because the container of minox would overflow. After a total of 10 mls of Hair Muck has been added to your bottle of minoxidil do not add anymore. When your bottle of Minomuck is finished simply repeat these instructions using a fresh bottle of minoxidil.

5). Make sure you refrigerate the Hair Muck after opening. When it is time to make more of the brew, make sure you remove your Hair Muck from the refrigerator and allow 2 hours for the Hair Muck to warm back to room temperature. Then shake well for one full minute before using it to make more Minomuck.

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