How To Make Super Zix

Super Zix has now been replaced with Super Zix II. Super Zix II has some additional compounds that probably make it much more effective. The ingredients to make Super Zix II can also be purchased through me for less than it would cost you to purchase the ingredients yourself.

Super Zix is basically the old Zix formula with saw palmetto added to the brew. There is some good evidence that saw palmetto is effective at regrowing hair. There is not a great deal of research in this area because no pharmaceutical company can obtain a patent on the substance. Here's one article that discusses one of the studies.

Effect Of Topical Saw Palmetto

The problem with simply applying saw palmetto directly to the scalp is three fold. First it is an oil and dark in color. So unless you want to look like you just combed your hair with used motor oil I wouldn't recommend directly applying the stuff to your scalp. Also we need to get the saw palmetto into the follicle. This will require two additional substances. The first is an emulsifier which causes oil and water to mix and this facilitates penetration into the follicle. The second problem we face is that we need a good penetrant substance therefore we add ethyl alcohol. So basically Super Zix is a brew that adds saw palmetto, an emulsifier (polysorbate 80) and a penetrant (ethyl alcohol) to the original zix formulation. Adding ethyl alcohol will also dramatically increase the absorption and penetration of both the zinc and the B-6. The brew is not that hard to make. It will cost alittle more but I am firmly convinced it is a significant improvment over the original Zix formula. Here's what you need:

1 container that is at least 8 ounces and has a cap that won't leak when you shake it up. 2 empty minoxidil containers with eyedropper. (2 oz each)

1 220 mg zinc sulfate capsule. (Each 220mg zinc sulfate capsule actually only contains 50mg of elemental zinc) or zinc sulfate powder and measuring spoon. The measuring spoon that comes with the kit has a brass bowl on the end of a plastic stick. Use 1 1/2 bowls full.

3 50mg b-6 capsules.

3 1/2 oz. of distilled water. (Not spring water but distilled water). You can purchase at your local supermarket. It is very cheap.

1/2 oz of Ethyl Alcohol 70% available in any pharmacy.

A small amount of polysorbate 80. Do a search on Google for "Polysorbate 80". It will cost you about 10 bucks but it is a life time supply. I also have a supplier listed on the "places to purchase ingredients" page.

10 mls of liquid saw palametto (500mgs per ml) I bought the "Purtitan's pride" brand from the same outfit I bought the polysorbate 80.

Add 3 1/2 oz of distilled water to 1/2 oz of ethyl alcohol to your large 8 ounce container. Then add the zinc, b-6 and 10 mls of the liquid saw palmetto. (The Puritan's Pride formulation comes with an eye dropper that measures mls). Make sure you refrigerate your bottle of saw palmetto after you have opened it. Then add 20 drops of the polysorbate 80. Close the container and shake well. Then pour the contents into both 2 ounce minoxidl (Rogaine) containers.

The ethyl alcohol will serve as a penetrant (helps to get the ingredients into the follicles) and a preservative (prevent bacterial growth) but at only a concentration of 10% you could still have a bacterial problem (usually a 20% concentration is required to prevent bacterial contamination. Furthermore there is nothing in the formula to stop the saw palmetto oil from turning rancid. For these reasons we recommend you store your Super Zix formula in the refrigerator. The newer Super Zix II formula does have an antioxidant added to it to prevent this rancidity. To obtain the ingredients to make your own Super Zix, return to the home page and click on "Places To Purchase Ingredients".

How to apply Super Zix

Using an eyedropper you apply a drop to an area of your scalp with one hand and then immediately rub it in a bit with the other. This will prevent the Super Zix from running off your scalp. Proceed in this fashion until you have covered all the areas you want to treat. You do this procedure twice per day. You do not need to over apply the Super Zix formula. It will serve no additional benefit in my humble opinion. After 5 minutes you can comb, style, blow dry or do whatever you want to your hair. If applying after showering first gently towel dry your hair...apply the super zix...wait 5 minutes and then proceed with your normal styling routine.

Remember this formula is not proven to regrow hair and this entire website represents nothing more than my opinion. Also the best success stories seem to come from those individuals that use only the zix formulas and no other topical treatments for hair loss. So if you are presently using something else and you feel you are benefitting from it, the zix formulas may not be such a good idea for you. It should not be used in conjuction with any topical minoxidil preparations because we have a study demonstrating that it lessens the benefits of the minoxidil. If you are already using minox you may want to check out "Minomuck". This is a formula you can add directly into your minoxidil.

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