Making Your Own Copper Peptide Hair Loss Treatment

First you should realize that a decent quality commercially made copper peptide treatment is relatively inexpensive at present. I still will keep the direction available because I believe it prevents companies from charging too much for copper peptides. If they charge too much....they won't sell too much because somebody has a site that tells people how to make their own. At present however I don't believe it is worth the time, trouble and expense to make your own. You should also be aware that I have only experimented with the formula for a relatively short period of time. I also am not prepared to recommend suppliers for obtaining the the copper chloride. You will have to do a search for "copper chloride anhydrous II". The protein powder is relatiely easy to find. You can even purchase it at Walmart. You want to purchase a soy based protein powder.

Below are the ingredients you will need and the directions for making your own solution.

80 ml tap water (not distilled water but tap water).

We use tap water because it has a higher PH than distilled water and copper peptides are only formed if this higher PH is maintained. Drop the PH and you will destroy the copper peptides. Therefore I would not experiment by adding additional things to the solution that will lower the PH..

2.5 grams protein powder.

1.5 grams copper chloride anhydrous II.

70% ethyl alcohol.

Pour 80 mls of tap water into a bottle. Add 2.5 grams of protein powder then add 1.5 grams of copper chloride anhydrous II. Shake well for a minute or two. Then add 20mlís of 70% ethyl alcohol. For those that feel they are sensitive to alcohol you can probably get by with adding only 10 mls of ethyl alcohol and 90 mls of tap water. The only draw back is that you will have to refrigerate the solution. If you are adding 20mls of ethyl alcohol the solution should last at least 3 months without refrigeration.

We must be careful of the strength we make our copper peptide solution. Too much copper can have a staining effect on hair and skin. I feel that a 2.5 % solution is more than adequate. Anything higher than this would be simply overkill and you would not benefit from the higher concentration of copper peptides anyway. Also when you use higher concentrations of copper peptides topically I find that there is an annoying smell that gets on your hands and scalp. Sort of like the smell you get on your hands when you just got done wrapping pennies for 2 hours. It washes off the hands easily but as soon as you touch your scalp you will again have this smell on your hands. By using a 2.5% solution we eliminate this problem and also avoid any problems with your hair or your scalp turning green.

You can make it a more potent formula if you desire. Just add more copper and protein in the same proprotion. Just be warned of the downside. The solution is alkaline. Too much could result in irritation of your scalp. Furthermore I would not advise applying it at the same time as the Azelaic acid or Zix formulas. They are acidic solutions. If you apply the copper peptides to the scalp at roughly the same time the acidic solutions could break the peptide bonds of the copper peptide solution and render it useless. It would probably render the Zix and Azelaic acid solutions useless as well. When I experimented with copper peptides for a period of two months I used a double super zix solution. (contains exactly twice the amount of Super Zix formula). In the morning after showering I applied the azelaic acid solution and then the double zix formula. Then at night I applied the copper peptides . You could also apply the copper peptides in the morning and the Super Zix and Azelaic Acid solution at night.

Remember the formula is a suspension meaning not all the ingredients will dissolve. They will settle to the bottom. You must shake well and then use immediately so you get enough of a dose of copper peptides. You can make it as potent as you desire. If you feel it is too weak...just double the amounts. The stronger a solution you make however the more problems you will tend to have. The first problem is that your pillow cases gradually turn green. Proceed to make it stronger and you will begin to smell like metal all the time. Proceed to make it stronger and you could end up beginning to stain your hair greenish. So be careful with the dose. I have light brown hair and have used it at 2.5% for 2 months without any apparent staining of my hair. Blond haired people will be the first people to notice a staining effect. The effect will not happen all of a sudden but be gradual. So if you have blond hair and you keep monitoring your hair closely you should be able to avoid any significant problems. If your hair starts to have a faint green appearance then you should stop using your copper peptides to avoid more serious staining problems. The solution we are using (2.5%) seems to have less of a dose than some of the commercial versions therefore I doubt this staining problem will ever develop. I have also learned that many commercial formulas also have a blueish coloring added. This is the reason why the commercial versions often look blue and our home made formula look greenish.

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